Welcome to Nutritional Health Testing

A natural, scientific approach to optimum health.
Everything about your health is tied to nutrition. This simple fact is the premise behind Nutritional Health Testing.
Based on solid science, Nutritional Health Testing is safe, natural healthcare with no side effects, contraindications or adverse reactions—things experienced with all prescription medications.

Nutritional Health Testing does not diagnose or treat disease. We begin with an analysis, performed by testing the body’s neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. Once we determine what nutrients your body is asking for, we design a natural health improvement program based on your body and condition.

Listen to what your body is saying!
Your body knows what it needs. Through Nutritional Health Testing, we can determine those needs, putting you on the road to better health.  Why wait? Call today to schedule an appointment.
     Benefits at a glance
    • Better health through nutrition
    • Safe, natural and scientifically sound
    • No side effects or adverse reactions
    • Highly individualized program

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